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CDL Course Requirements:

-Training is Monday - Friday from 8am to 4:30pm

-Drivers License

-Raised Seal Birth Certificate or Valid Passport (required for Permit Testing)

-Bill with your address on it. (required for Permit Testing)

-Social Security Card (If Available)

-Resume or knowledge of last 5 years of work history

-Pen and Paper

-Work Boots, Hiking Boots, or Hard Sole Shoes

-Blue jeans, tee shirts, sweatshirts, etc (nothing offensive and no shorts)

-Weather appropriate clothing. (raingear, coats, bibs, gloves..etc)

-Fees required for Permit, Drug Test, and DOT Physical 

 -If you have less than 6 months till your license expires, the DMV will make you pay your renewal fee. 

-If doing hazmat you must have a raised seal birth certificate.

-Money for your DOT Physical. (You may also go to your family doctor if they are able to administer a DOT Physical.)

Example of Raised Seal Birth Certificate:

birth certified .jpg
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