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Entry Level Driver's Training Pricing
For permits issued post-February 8th, 2022

Online Theory (Classroom) - $150.00

CDL Skills Testing - $250.00

Behind-The-Wheel Evaluations(4 Hours):

*NOTE*- the evaluation is to determine if the applicant is prepared to take the CDL Exam. It is not training and is not designed for someone who is new to driving commercial vehicles. It is recommended that you have some sort of previous training or verifiable experience before attempting the evaluation.

                 Evaluation Only - $400.00
                 W/ Truck Rental - $800.00


Entry Level Driver's Training Packages:

This package includes:

  • Online Theory (Classroom)

  • Behind-The-Wheel Evaluation (4-Hours)

  • Initial CDL Skills Test

Class A:


Class B:


Supplying Your Own Vehicle:


Note: Completing the 4-hour evaluation does NOT guarantee you will be permitted to test. Additional training and/or practice time may be needed and can be purchased for $100 per hour. 

Everyone who received a permit after February 8, 2022, is required to comply with the ELDT rules as se by the FMCSA. 

An individual must:

  • Score an 80% on the Theory portion of the test. 

  • Show Proficiency in the Behind-The-Wheel (Pre-trip Inspection, Range and Road) 

  • For the Range, you are required to show proficiency in the following skills: 


Offset (Left & Right)

Parallel Parking (Blind-Side and Sight Side)

Alley Dock (45 & 90 degree)

Coupling and Uncoupling

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