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Financing Your Training


The following is a list of options for students who are wanting to enroll in a training program.


Self Paying

Credit cards

Money Order, Check or Bank Check

Payment must be made to the Technical School you are attending.

Certain locations are able to accept a down payment of half your tuition, and the remainder of the balance will be financed.


Student Loan Lenders










The loan programs are not federal student loans and require an approval process.  They are credit based and in most cases will require a co-signer on the loan. Only certain training locations are able to accept Sallie Mae and PHEAA loans.


Grant Funding

Grant funding based on eligibility qualifications:  WIOA, OVR, TAA programs offer grants for training to those who qualify and are only available by our partner schools.
The following programs are managed through the PA Careerlink one stop system. 








  • WIOA title I funding is based on being a dislocated worker, or meeting low income guidelines

  • OVR funding is for those who have a qualifying disability.

  • TAA funding is for those who have been dislocated from an employer that has been Trade certified by the state of PA.

If you believe you may be eligible for funding please contact your local Careerlink and schedule for an orientation today






If you have any questions, please contact our office today and allow our experienced staff help decide the best options for you.
Together we will help get you on your road to success.

  Pa PRIDE is not a CDL School. 

We are contracted to provide CDL training for the Area Technology Centers through a Cooperative Agreement. 

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