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Entry-Level Driver Training

There are several options available for individuals wanting to get their CDL depending on your needs.

If you are looking to drive for the big trucking companies, then you should consider the 160-hour or 200-hour training. By attending these programs you will receive a training certificate from an approved truck driving program. Most large trucking companies require these certificates as it is industry standard. 

Please be aware that the following packages do not include this training certificate, but do meet ELDT requirements. 


 Being able to offer “ELDT Training” is not the same as an approved truck driving school. 

          Employer Paid Training         for Employees

  • Duration: 1 week

  • Meets ELDT Requirements

  • Includes online ELDT Theory and initial CDL skills exam

Entrance Requirements:

  • Theory portion of ELDT will need to be completed before hands-on training

  • Permit with appropriate vehicle class designation

  • DOT Physical completed


If you are a company looking to have an employee trained, please contact us to get your employee set up with this hands-on training where the individual will be trained to meet the entry-level driver training requirements. 




Cranberry, Pennsylvania

This program is offered by Pa PRIDE

ELDT Evaluation

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours

  • Demonstrate proficiency for ELDT requirements

  • Allows the CDL Exam to be scheduled

Entrance Requirements:

  • ELDT Theory requirements must be completed prior to evaluation.

  • Individual must possess a permit for the same vehicle they will be testing in.


If you are a company that is giving your driver backing and driving time, you may want to consider our ELDT Evaluation. The evaluation process allows the trainee to show that they are proficient in all areas that are required for the ELDT. If the trainee is unable to show proficiency in a certain area, then they will need to return after some time and training to attempt this section of the evaluation again before the evaluation can be considered complete. After passing the evaluation, then a CDL test can be scheduled for a future date. 


$800.00 using your own truck

$1,200.00 using our truck

Note: If you need to return to prove proficiency in a certain area, then it is $100.00 per additional hour. 


Cranberry, Pennsylvania

This program is offered by Pa PRIDE

Note: Attending the 4-hour evaluation does NOT guarantee you will be permitted to test. Additional training and/or practice time may be needed.

An individual must:

  • Score an 80% or higher on the theory portion of ELDT

  • Show proficiency in the Behind-The-Wheel (Pre-trip Inspection, Range, and Road)

For the Range, you are required to show proficiency in the following skills:

  • Straight-Line

  • Offset (Left & Right)

  • Parallel Parking (Blind-side & Sight-side)

  • Alley Dock (45 & 90 degree)

  • Coupling and Uncoupling



If you would like to register for the Entry-Level Driver Training, click the button below to get started.

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